14 Day Detox Program


The Science-Based 2 Week Cleanse for Smart Detoxification.

This cleanse is more than just a diet. It’s a true detoxification plan for weight loss, glowing skin, and better energy, without relying on sugar or caffeine. A lighter, brighter you is just 14 days away!

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foods that help detox the body during a 2 week detox program


You’re struggling with feeling bloated, low energy, dull skin and sluggish digestion.

Can you imagine waking up with a flat stomach, endless energy and a glowing complexion? Every day? Big changes can happen in just 2 weeks with this plan.

You eat a clean diet, a Paleo diet, Whole30 diet, but you are not feeling the way you want to.

When we take the principles of clean eating eating but supercharge them with science-based detoxification techniques you’ll feel better than you ever thought you could.

You want to try a detox but are confused by all the conflicting advice on social media or think you don’t have time.

Relax. I’ve got you. My science-based, evidence-backed approach to nutrition cuts through the noise and fad diets. In my 14-day detox program, I’ll provide you with cutting edge information and recommendations, combined with a step by step guide and meal plan—it’s simple and doable on even the busiest of schedules.

I mean it. You changed my life. I am strong inside and out. Your programs are unparalleled to anything I've ever tried before. I feel so much better and it's all thanks to you. -Jenn, NYC

Meet Jenny, the Holistic Nutritionist Behind Your 14-Day Detox Plan

I’m Jennifer Hanway, a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist who is passionate about helping you achieve your health goals through my science-based, evidence backed programs.

I’m an ex-professional dancer turned personal trainer turned Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist whose life and health changed when I met my first mentor. They transformed my health through science, and I was so inspired to help other feel the way I did (and do every day) that I retrained as a nutritionist.

I’ve been learning ever since, and have been lucky enough to mentor under some of the top nutrition experts and holistic doctors in the world. I’ve also worked with women from all walks of life, from royal princesses to olympic athletes and A-List celebrities.

I can help you because I know how it feels to be lost in your body, but I also know what it’s like to live in a body you love. And I’ve helped hundreds of busy, driven and high-achieving women just like you achieve this too.

Holistic nutritionist and wellness coach Jennifer Hanway
Life-changing! Jenny quite simply revolutionized my way of eating and thereby radically improved my well-being. I now wake up every day full of energy instead of needing multiple coffees to get me through the day. Having read loads of different nutrition books, before working with Jenny I thought I was doing reasonably well on diet. But she got me from 90% of the way there to 100%, and the difference in how I feel is nothing short of phenomenal! I can't recommend her highly enough.
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A 14-Day Detox Plan that Really Works

I created my 14 Day Detox because I couldn’t bear to see one more fad diet, juice cleanse, skinny tea or fasting plan on social media. At best these do not work, and at worst they are harmful to your health.

With my 2 week detox diet plan you’ll feel lighter, brighter, less bloated, with glowing skin and endless energy. You’ll no longer lean on sugar, caffeine or alcohol as a crutch, and you’ll understand the foods that make you feel your best self.

How do I know this? Because my 14 Day Detox is the reset I use myself, and with my clients when we want to up-level our health.

What Happy Clients Have Say About My Wellness and Weight Loss Programs

testimonials for jennifer hanway's 14 day detox plan
testimonials for jennifer hanway's 14 day detox plan
testimonials for jennifer hanway's 14 day detox plan

14 Day Detox Plan

Your science-based, evidence backed 2 week cleanse for a flatter stomach, glowing skin and endless energy. 

detoxifying lemons - learn how to detox your body in 14 days from nutritionist jennifer hanway

What’s Included in My 14 Day Detox Program:

  • a full 2 week meal plan detailing exactly what to eat to up-regulate your body’s natural detoxification process
  • a list of ‘smart swaps’ so you won’t feel hungry or deprived
  • a grocery list of Jenny’s ‘go-to’ detox foods
  • recommended supplements for whole body detoxification
  • detox fitness, beauty and lifestyle tips to up-level your results
  • video workshops to help you achieve your goals


What kind of results can I expect during the 14 Day Detox Program? 

Yes, 14 days is quick, but it can make a difference! You’ll feel better from just day 3, less bloating from day 5, and be glowing and energized from day 7. After 14 days you’ll have reduced your cravings for sugar, caffeine and alcohol, and know how to make healthy choices to support your health.

Will I get headaches or feel tired on this detox plan? 

Absolutely not! When done properly detoxification should make you feel great from Day 1 with no side effects.

I’ve tried detox diets before and they have never worked. Why is yours different? 

Most detox diets are based around fads and trends such as juice cleanses and skinny teas, which are not based in scientific principles of detoxification. As a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist I’ve dug deep into the research on detoxification, and developed my recommendations in line with the latest findings.

I have a career and 2 kids. Is this detox program good for busy people like me?

My previous clients have actually said they found the program saved them time in their busy schedules, as they knew exactly what to eat and when, with easy to make, simple recipes.

What if I have questions when doing the detox program?

You’ll have access to our private FB Group to get support and feedback from me and your fellow program participants.

Save the Date – 14 Day Detox launches March 20th!