All Treats, No Tricks, from Brand I Love, Shamanuti

Beth was one of the first contacts I made when I moved to the area, I was consulting for a health food and supplement store at the time, and Beth came in as a customer. She began to tell me about her organic, locally made skincare range, and kindly gave me some samples to try. I was hooked! As an advocate of organic skincare I’d been disappointed with some of the brands I’d tried in the US as they lacked effectiveness, but the products from Shamanuti were beautifully packaged, smelt great, and made my skin look and feel amazing!

So of course I wanted to feature Shamanuti as one of the Brands I Love, and introduce you all to this wonderful range of face body, hair and make up products in my interview with Beth:

How and why was Shamanuti born?

The simple answer is that I saw a missed opportunity to celebrate and champion native American ingredients and their diversity in the United States.

Natural beauty sits at the intersection of my two greatest interests, science and creativity. I have always studied plants closely and observed that they are important

natural allies in healing. My professional work has been centered in the fine and decorative arts and this meeting point of nature and aesthetics resonated with me. A Shaman is a spiritual guide with expert knowledge of medicinal plants, so in the name Shamanuti, or Shaman + Beauty, what we’re conveying is the spirit of beauty through natural healing.

Can you explain in your own words the importance of organic skincare?

Before I got into the field I used skincare products that left my skin stripped and suffocated. Now that I am educated about ingredients I have skin that is hydrated and breathing, and have no risk of toxicity or adrenal failure, not to mention scarring or other disfiguring possibilities which can be associated with some skincare. I’m not trying to cure cancer but I am trying to prevent it and I truly believe using some products can create carcinogenic effects, but that’s me. I think I’m backed up by the Environmental Working Group’s database, Skin Deep, but obviously everyone has to make his or her own choices about personal care.

One of the reasons I love your products is how well they work. Can you explain why Shamanuti’s products are so effective?

A combination of smart formulation and highest quality ingredients. We also use minimal processing in order to employ the purest extraction methods, e.g., no denaturing at all and often cold processing using clay slabs to extract oils and juices in the most gentle way possible. As small batch manufacturers we can create product in this way and it makes all the difference.

How do you find the inspiration for your products? For example, I love your charcoal cleanser, how did that product come into being?

I am inspired by so much in the natural world as well as by some of the few iconic skincare products I have loved. One of these was the Erno Laszlo bar soap made from charcoal and sea mud, that developed a cult following over the years. I recognized how elemental and effective a combination of seaweed and charcoal could be but adapted them to a modern formulation. And all my formulas are inspired by the inherent virtues of original natural ingredients.

What is your personal favorite product/s in the range?

Not a fair question! All are favorites…depends on the needs of the day.

What is coming next from Shamanuti?

Gift bags as well as a Winter Retail Boutique. Our gifting is being organized around ingredient terroir: Ocean, Mountain, Meadow and Forest.

Any tips you can share with us for looking after our skin during these cold New England winters?

I think this is a great article to read as we move into winter.

I also think it’s important to use face oil as a supplement for deep replenishment as temperatures drop and to use a slightly heavier moisturizer like our Golden Light Cream. Winter is also

a good time to alternate cleansers with one that’s very creamy. We’ve created an oat and tea-based formula that will be ready in November.

As the seasons change its a great time to switch up your skincare routine, so I’ve teamed up with Shamanuti to offer my readers a 10% discount on all products available from the website. All you need to do type in the discount code SKINFIT at the checkout (offer vaild Oct. 30- Nov. 13).