Motivation Monday and Schedule This Week

This week’s Motivation Monday has been attributed to many people, but I’m going with Abraham Lincoln as I think he may have got there first! Create your future health and wellness by coming to take a class, personal training session or Bio Signature Modulation consultation with me this week. I am now able to see Bio Signature Modulation clients at my consulting space in Newton Centre.



4.30pm: BFX Burn

5.30pm: BFX Lift


8.30am: BFX Build

4pm availability for  Bio Signature Consultation in Newton Centre


9am availability for  Bio Signature Consultation at BFX, Boston

12pm: BFX Barre


7.15am / 8.30am BFX Build

4.30pm:BFX Fusion / 5.45pm BFX Fusion


12pm: Availability for Bio Signature Consultation at BFX, Boston

To book BFX Master Classes please visit:

To book Private Training or Bio Signature Modulation please email

If you are unable to meet with me in person I offer online Training programs and  Bio Signature Modulation services. For more information please email: