Private Coaching with Jennifer Hanway

My private coaching programs are designed to uncover your health concerns on a cellular level, then address them through custom nutrition, fitness and well-being strategies.

This service is for you if you are struggling with a number of different health concerns or have a number of unresolved symptoms and want to work closely with me to resolve your health puzzle through testing, personalized programs and unparalleled support and accountability.

What Private Coaching with me includes:

  • a 60 minute Initial Consultation (via video call) at which we take a deep dive into your health history and current health challenges
  • comprehensive dietary analysis using state of the art nutrition software
  • a full bloodwork review including recommendations on which lab tests you need
  • a personalized nutrition and supplementation program (based on your specific needs and goals as uncovered through your consultation and testing)
  • a personalized fitness program designed by our Head of Training (including video demos and messaging)
  • Monthly video check in calls (up to 60 minutes)
  • Unlimited email and text support throughout your program
  • A detailed plan for your continued success following our work together

‘Prior to beginning private coaching with Jenny, I struggled for two years trying to get to the root of my health issues. Despite the amount of exercise I did or the nutritious food I ate, I continued to gain weight, became more or more fatigued, experienced unusual menstrual cycles, and began seeing changes in my skin. I sought out answers from multiple PCPs and specialists all to hear my labs show I am healthy individual or get advice that my morning smoothies are the root of the issues. I never felt heard or that anyone cared, so I gave up for about six months. 

My partner suggested I do a consultation with Jenny after listening to her speak on hormonal and gut health. After the first consultation, I finally had hope. Jenny showed me empathy and immediately gave me next steps. She provided me with a comprehensive diet and exercise program while laying out specific bloodwork I needed to ask a PCP for. 

After just a month of following the program, I have more energy, a noticeable decrease in my overall swelling, lost weight, and, most importantly, acquired an optimistic outlook towards my health. Jenny is a wealth of knowledge and tailors her approach specific to your health concerns. She cares and dedicates herself to ensure I achieve my health goals. My appreciation for Jenny goes beyond words.’ A, Dallas

Working with Jenny has reinforced that being 52 is simply just a number and not an age!  Shortly after I turned 50, I noticed an inexplicable change in how I felt and mysteriously gained a few pounds – even though my diet and exercise routine had not changed – including already being sugar and caffeine free.  After seeking guidance from a couple of doctors to no avail and determined not  to be defeated, I started with Jenny’s Lean & Clean program which was a great jump start for my metabolism and then transitioned to a private client for additional focus.  Jenny’s approach and knowledge is educational, accessible, and sustainable.  The framework allows ‘life to happen’ and still make progress – even when traveling.  Now I am leaner and stronger than I was in my late teens/early twenties – even after having 3 children.   Working with Jenny and committing to focus on my overall health – best investment I could make!T, New York