6 Weeks to Less Stress, More Sleep


Launches Monday 2/3 – join before 1/31 and receive a $50 discount! 

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and revived, positive, happy, and excited for the day ahead…

Imagine thriving through the day, with energy to spare and stress a thing of the past…

Imagine 8 hours of restful, restorative sleep, 7 nights a week….

I’ve combined my science-based, tried and testing nutrition, fitness, self-care, stress management and healthy sleep techniques that I have used to achieve incredible results hundreds of my clients into one content-packed 6-week course designed to leave you feeling energized and stress-free all day every day.

Weeks 1 & 2: Rise: Master Your Morning

Weeks 3 & 4: Thrive: The Keys to All Day Energy

Weeks 5 & 6: Revive: Restful Rituals for Restorative Sleep