Feel lighter, brighter, and more energized by learning how to fuel your body with healthy foods in a non-restrictive way.

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The only resource you need to learn the science behind healthy eating that lasts, complete with a 30-day meal plan + grocery list that nourishes your body 
(and yes, you can still eat cheese). 

You’ve invested so much into health trends

and nothing has helped you beat the sluggish, bloated, and not quite ‘switched on’ feeling—not even a triple espresso or that killer Peloton ride. 

Except right now, you’re feeling confused about what’s healthy and what’s not with so much misinformation out there. You know you shouldn’t wake up feeling tired, unmotivated, and dreading the long day ahead of you with low energy, and that now it’s more important than ever to start making healthier choices.

Not to mention 

you deeply want to stop feeling uncomfortable in your clothes and start feeling confident in your skin again without feeling like ‘getting old’ has crept up on you when you weren’t looking.

You want to make the best choices for your health

You want to enjoy food and eating out, while still reaching your health goals and nurturing your body with nutrient
foods on a consistent basis. 


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Is designed to be a sustainable lifestyle change, not a diet you have to keep restarting. You’ll learn which foods are nutritious, which ones you should avoid and why, so you are educated in your decision moving forward.

“Are carbs good or bad?”

“Should I be eating more or less protein?” 

“Does eating fat raise my cholesterol?” 

& much more so you can stop overthinking food and actually enjoy it again! 

You’ll learn the answer to the questions you’ve been Googling like,

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This program is the answer you need

to stray away from the unhealthy path you’ve been going down and start learning about nutrition to achieve your goals. 

You’ve already invested so much into other programs that have proven ineffective.

It feels like you’ve tried it all, you’re feeling defeated and fed up by the lack of results. You feel like you’re eating healthy, but the results aren’t following. So far the list of things you might have tried looks like this:

HelloFresh or a local meal delivery service, but someone in your family doesn’t like the meals and it’s not cheap

MyFitnessPal and tracking macros, but you quickly fell off track as life gets busy and you don’t know how to accurately track meals out and you honestly have better things to do with your time

Juice Cleanses, Keto, Intermittent fasting (insert trend here) that left you feeling deprived and back to your old ways of eating after 3 days

Generic meal plans downloaded from a health coaches blog that didn’t work for your body or your needs

Whole30, but it left you feeling deprived and ultimately cheating your way through it because it’s not sustainable

None of these options have proven to be sustainable for the long term, which you’re looking for. 

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You want to keep yourself, and your family, nourished with ease and have a long-lasting course of action
that won’t continuously add to your stress levels and credit card bill, especially when these options aren’t working for you.

It’s time to feel confident
knowledgeable when it comes to your health.

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Imagine no longer having to




(and get the wrong answers) because you have science-backed information and access to a women’s wellness expert at your fingertips. 

search the 

Scroll through 
social media

Ask Your friends
For their advice

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Complete with done-for-you meal plans and grocery lists that actually save you time. Most of the meals in this program can be made in 25 minutes or less—with breakfast, lunches, and healthy snacks taking just minutes to prepare. These meals will also balance your blood sugar and hunger hormones so you’ll feel full, energized, and satisfied for longer. 

contains both the why and the how of clean, healthy foods that make you feel great for life. 


Here is where you start living an energized & vibrant life that’s complete with optimal health.


Know the answers to your questions like what oil to use for cooking and in your salad dressing.

With this program,  

you will

Know how to choose a bottle of clean wine at a cocktail party. It will also solve your problem of cooking multiple meals for multiple eaters in your home.



Feel better than ever knowing you’re making informed decisions, even when you’re choosing food from a menu when you’re eating out. 

No more scouring recipe blogs for one-off meals here and there that leads to sporadic eating. Instead, it’s time to feel confident in your food choices by knowing what foods to include and exclude.  

This program takes a science-based approach to healthy eating that ignored trends and was created by an expert in clean and metabolic health

It’s time to replace the fad diets with long-lasting health changes

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Clean Eating Made Simple is the opposite of restrictive, fad diets that deprive you. This program is based on science and backed by clinical evidence, it’s the program to help you eat clean, healthy, delicious foods that nourish your body every day. 

contains both the            and the            of clean, healthy foods that make you feel great for life. 




It was created with busy women in mind, so your time commitment to the program can be minimal, freeing you up for far more important things than spending 20 minutes deciding what yoghurt to buy. 

This program will help you save time and mental energy in the grocery store and in the kitchen

So you no longer need to cook multiple meals every night to keep everyone happy. And the best part? Most meals take under 25 minutes to make (and there is even a guide to 5, 10, and 15-minute meals too)!

The meal plan inside was also created with your whole family in mind

This is the step-by-step guide that gives you the exact
you need to shop for and prepare clean, healthy
meals all the time.

I'm ready to eat healthier

will teach you about food & ingredients so no matter what is in front of you, you feel prepared

And confident making the healthy choice (and a little indulgence is totally approved)

The Curriculum

This program is much more than a meal plan, there are 7 video lessons and downloadable PDF guides for you to store right on your phone. These lessons are compact yet robust and will answer all your health-related questions like, “How do I choose a protein bar? Which healthy snacks can I throw in my purse or gym bag? Can I still eat cheese?” and more.

Lesson One

Before we get into the technicalities of healthy eating, we’re going to focus on what clean eating is and the benefits of eating clean

The Clean Eating Made Simple Quick Start Guide


1) What is processed food and what you should avoid with it

2) How to read a food label so you can make informed decisions every time you pick up a “healthy” labelled product

3) The clean eating smart swaps guide to help you make healthy choices even if you’re vegan (and not replace healthy food with unhealthy alternatives)

4) The Clean Eating Kitchen and Master Foods List that will show you what the must-haves should be in your kitchen and on your grocery list week after week

What we’ll cover

Lesson Two

This bonus lesson is going to help you end your sugar cravings in just 7 days with this sugar detox program! Every meal, recipe, and recommendation is based on the science of balancing hunger hormones and curbing your sugar cravings.



1) How to reduce added sugar because it’s in so many foods

2) How to read labels and what words to look out for that are disguised in the ingredient list

3) How to conquer your cravings so you no longer need a sweet afternoon and/or night treat

4) The 7 day sugar-free meal plan to help wean off your sugar cravings as you embrace a healthy lifestyle

What we’ll cover

Lesson Three

“Should I avoid carbs?” “Are carbs good or bad?” “Is fruit a carb and can I still eat it?” These are questions I get asked frequently and we’re going to clear up this clean eating confusion in this module



1) What carbs are “good” and what carbs are “bad” and why so you know exactly what carbs you should reach for

2) If going gluten-free is the right decision for you based on your body 

What we’ll cover

Lesson Four

We’ve been programmed to believe that fats are bad, but are they?



1) Separate the “fat facts” from “fat fiction” so you know the truth about fat in your diet

2) What fats you should include in your diet and what fats to exclude from your diet

3) The "why behind including fat in your diet, and what it really does to your body (especially if you are trying to lose weight)

What we’ll cover

Lesson Five

Protein is powerful in our diets and a lot of times we don’t get enough.

Picking Perfect Proteins


1) The power of protein in your diet and why it’s so important

2) Protein priorities for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters

3) Go-to proteins when time is tight (so you’re not just loading up on carbs + sugar)

What we’ll cover

Lesson Six

Dairy seems to be a big question mark for most people—should you consume it, avoid it, or use a plant-based alternative?



1) How to decide if dairy is the right choice for your diet 

2) Your healthiest options for milk, yoghurt, and of course, cheese

What we’ll cover

Lesson Seven

The last thing you want is to jet set to a tropical destination and feel like a week of treating yourself is going to throw off all your progress!



1) Enjoy treat meals, not cheat meals when you’re out of the house 

2) How to make the healthiest choices whilst away from home

3) My go-to guide for clean(er) drinking so you can still enjoy yourself 

What we’ll cover

Lesson Eight

Contrary to popular belief, clean eating doesn’t need to be expensive (especially when you make your own meals)!



1) Clean eating on a budget 

2) 7 days of clean eating on a budget meal plan 

What we’ll cover

Meal Plan, Recipes & Grocery Guide

Week 1

6 Weeks of Meal 
Plans, Recipes
Grocery Guides

Meal Plan, Recipes & Grocery Guide

Week 2

Meal Plan, Recipes & Grocery Guide

Week 3

Meal Plan, Recipes & Grocery Guide

Week 4

7 Day Skinny on Sugar Meal Plan

Bonus Meal Plan

7 Day Clean Eating on a Budget Meal Plan

Bonus Meal Plan

First things first,

Before you can lose weight, heal your gut, balance hormones, optimize thyroid function or thrive through menopause you have to be eating clean, nutrient-dense foods on a consistent basis.

It is the first building block to optimum health, and nothing works without it. If you are looking to kick start your health journey, this program is where you start. 

Long term benefits

Clean eating with the help of this program can minimize the risk of developing chronic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, or cancer. It can also improve all areas of health including your metabolism, ability to lose body fat, blood sugar balance, lower inflammation, increase energy, increase mental clarity, reduce joint pain, improve mood and mental health and even help with detoxification. 

This program is the foundation of everything else we can accomplish in my other programs and private coaching.

Why Clean Eating Made Simple?

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Clean Eating Made Simple is the lowest investment to work with me to get real-time feedback via the program and our private Facebook Group, where you can ask your questions, get feedback, accountability, and support to thrive with this meal plan. It’s like having an expert in metabolic health in your back pocket every time a question occurs. 

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Previous participants have become clean eating converts, and after finishing the program have learnt how they can enjoy delicious healthy foods and their favorite treats, whilst staying in the best health of their life. You’ll find you never want to go back to your old way of eating. 


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An easy-to-follow 30-day meal plan designed to make clean eating easy, affordable, and family-friendly. The meal plan works whether you are feeding one person or a whole brood, and even accommodates the pickiest of eaters. 

30 Day Healthy 
Meal Plan 

There are over 70 balanced recipes for all meals of the day, plus healthy snacks that are simple and quick to make. These balanced recipes mean no macro or calorie counting required—I’ve done all the hard work of creating a healthy diet for you! 

Recipes for 
Balanced Meals

Need to substitute an ingredient? Every recipe suits all diet styles and preferences with easy adaptations to make meals dairy-free, low carb, or vegan so you don’t need to cook different dishes to keep the whole family happy. 


The ‘keep in your pocket’ grocery guide to the clean eating staples that give you healthy swaps for the brands and products you and your family love. You’ll also learn how to read labels so you can avoid processed food.

Go-To Grocery Guides 

Learn the why’s and how’s of eliminating added sugar, which carbohydrates are beneficial for health (and which really aren’t), find out which fats are healthy, and which are not, learn how to choose the perfect proteins (which ones and how much), and which types of dairy to ditch, and which to keep.

Science-Based Information

Questions about the program or need feedback? Jennifer and her team of experienced health coaches will be on standby via the online program if you have questions about any aspect of the program to make sure you’re fully supported in this journey.

Real-Time Feedback

Imagine if you never had to struggle with a sugar craving again or had to reach for a sweet treat after a meal. You felt calm and energized throughout the day, with no more blood sugar swings or feeling like your energy tank was low. You knew how to fuel and nourish your body with delicious healthy foods at every meal but still could enjoy your favourite treats (including wine, ice cream, and candy). 

End your sugar cravings 
in just 7 days 


with this sugar detox program! Every meal, recipe, and recommendation is based on the science of balancing hunger hormones and curbing your sugar cravings. 



Skinny on Sugar. 

Now you can with the

Included in Clean Eating Made Simple
(Value $97)


Meet Jennifer Hanway 

Jennifer Hanway is a Holistic Nutritionist, Celebrity Health Coach, Metabolic Health and Wellness Expert. She combines a 360-degree view of health and wellness with accountability to achieve life-changing results.

Ever since being hospitalized and put on a morphine drip due to poor health, she has committed herself to learning the science of how food affects every aspect of our health, and helping her clients implement this through real-world strategies. She has helped her clients achieve healthy weight loss, lower blood pressure, reverse type 2 diabetes, and reduce chronic disease risk factors through her healthy meal plans, clean eating recipes, and simple but powerful advice. 



For the busy woman ready to take control of her health:

No more counting macros, Whole30, meal delivery services, or other ‘trends’ that haven’t worked for you. It’s time to create lasting change.

You’re ready to commit to eating healthier and feeling lighter, and finding effective ways to work clean eating into your already busy schedule. This is your one-stop shop to learning the why and the how of clean, nutritious eating the whole family will enjoy with simple recipes and straightforward shopping guides. 

This is the only resource you’ll need to start eating clean while still enjoying the foods you love. Complete with 5 educational modules to truly make clean eating simple.



Replace the fad diets with long-lasting health changes & cancel the cravings.

I Need this

Plus, if you feel like other meal plans leave you hungry, this one is designed to balance your hunger hormones.

You’ll learn which foods are nutritious, what ones you should avoid, and why so you feel educated in your decision moving forward in any situation

Is designed to be a sustainable lifestyle change, not a fad diet you have to keep restarting. 



If you struggle with cravings for sugar, carbs, or high-fat foods, it’s likely your hunger hormones aren’t balanced.

What that means is


All the meals inside Clean Eating Made Simple have been designed to give you the exact balance of protein, fibre, and healthy fats to make cravings a thing of the past. 


When you finish this program and continue to implement the learnings, you’ll feel more confident in your body, more in control, and less likely to fall prey to chronic diseases

How much access do I get to Jennifer?

This is the lowest investment to get live access to Jennifer and her team of experienced health coaches will be on standby and via the online program if you have questions about any aspect of the program to make sure you’re fully supported in this journey.


How long do I have access to the program for?

You can start the program whenever you wish and you’ll get lifetime access to the program materials so you can refer to them whenever you need. 

I have dietary restrictions, will this work for me?

This program is suitable for vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets. 

Will this program help me lose weight? 

Clean Eating Made Simple is not designed specifically as a weight loss program, but it is designed to help balance your blood sugar and lower your inflammation (whilst helping you cut out the junk), which in turn can help you lose weight. If you are looking for a program designed to help you boost your metabolism and burn body fat then my Lean & Clean Program is perfect for you. 

What results can I expect from this program?

The dietary principles used in Clean Eating Made Simple have been clinically proven to balance your blood sugar, reduce inflammation, boost your metabolism and help with increased energy and mental clarity. 

What if I have questions while working through the content inside the program?

As part of the programme, you will be able to ask Jennifer and her team of Certified Health Coaches questions, get feedback and advice, and meet other people in the program for support and community.

Can you remind me what’s included?

This program not only has a 30-day meal plan, it also includes over 70 balanced recipes for all meals of the day, plus healthy snacks that are simple and quick to make. It has smart substitutes for any dietary restrictions. It includes access to myself and my team to ask questions and get ongoing support. Plus, 7 educational modules with supporting workbooks and PDFs. You’ll also receive The Skinny on Sugar for free as an added bonus! This program contains so much to help you feel confident with clean eating moving forward.

Should I wait until my schedule is less busy?

No, because this program will actually save you time, money, and stress when it comes to making food decisions. The done-for-you meal plan and grocery guides will make shopping (or meal delivery) easier than ever. You’ll be able to walk in, grab only what you need, and leave. No more mulling over which almond milk is the healthier option (you have better things to do with your time). Plus, you’ll also have a meal plan so you won’t need to spend two hours scouring food blogs and questioning if your choices are healthy before you shop either.

Can I do it on a budget?

Yes, absolutely! All of the meals are designed to suit all budgets, there is even a full lesson on Clean Eating on a Budget. When you use the grocery guide and the meal plan, you might even save money by sticking to it and buying only what you need rather than grabbing anything that looks good off the shelf. It will also direct you to the true healthiest options which might not be the most expensive brand you’ve been throwing in your cart. 

With this program, you’ll be able to walk into the grocery store week after week and confidently know the exact foods to buy to feed your family healthy, balanced meals. 

This is The Last Clean Eating Program You’ll Ever Need

This program takes away all the guesswork and allows you to find science-backed, proven recipes that teach you the benefits of clean eating. 

You’ll know exactly what to order in your favorite restaurant or cocktail bar to stay on track with your goals. 

Your friends will turn to you for advice because you look and feel better than ever. 

You’ll wake up feeling nourished, rejuvenated, focussed, and ready to start your day (even on Mondays). 


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