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We look at corporate wellness from a 360 degree viewpoint, knowing that nutrition, exercise and stress reduction in the workplace can benefit the  performance and motivation of your whole company. 

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Each of our Employee Wellness Workshops have been carefully designed by our team of experts to help create a communal sense of wellbeing for both on-site and communal workers.  We offer workplace wellness workshops on stress reduction, better sleep, clean eating and performance and productivity.

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Employee Wellness

Is Vital For

Employee health and wellness programs are more than just a perk you can list on your HR page. They are an investment that not only pays for itself, but yields high rewards. Savings are made by minimizing sick leave, and reducing costs associated with health plans, workers compensation, and disability.

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Employee wellness is vital for optimum performance and productivity and a happy, engaged, energized, and connected team.


increase productivity

Minimizing sick leave, and reducing costs associated with health plans, workers compensation, and disability.

reduce costs

For every $1 dollar invested in the intervention $6 was saved in company health care costs, as reported in the Harvard Business Review.

invest in people

Organizations with highly effective employee wellness programs report significantly lower voluntary attrition than those whose programs have low effectiveness (9% vs. 15%). 

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These seminars can help your employees make healthier eating choices for improved overall wellness.

• Clean Eating Made Simple
• The Skinny on Sugar
• Fats: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
• Choosing the Right Diet Style for You

These programs are designed to help employees improve their health and wellbeing with tips for stress reduction, boosting immunity, getting better sleep, and more.

• 24 Hours to Less Stress, More Sleep
• How to Stay Healthy When Travelling
• Staying Well in the Winter
• The Resiliency Roadmap 

This series will arm both on-site and remote employees with the skills they need to improve their performance at work.

• Performance and Productivity 101
• Finding Your Flow
• Technology for Performance and Productivity
• Advanced Performance and Productivity




Stress Management and Sleep 


Performance & Productivity



your holistic nutritionist 



Jennifer Hanway is a Holistic Nutritionist, Celebrity Health Coach and Wellness Expert. She combines a 360-degree view of health and wellness with accountability to achieve life-changing results.

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Your Performance Expert



Tim Hanway is an accredited Sport Scientist, Human Performance Specialist, and University Professor. His clients include NFL athletes, Olympians, physicians, therapists, and business owners. Tim blends high-level sports strategies with practical skills to optimize performance and productivity.

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Sarah / N.E Development 

Jenny has been an asset to my company’s

Wellness Committee.

From the conception of our mission statement to 

lunch & learns,

she has always met us where we are as a company and has inspired office wide changes.

Nicole / Willis Towers Watson

Jennifer’s latest workshop empowered our employees

 to be excited about their own personal health

and well-being

through the presentation of applicable and easy-to-understand tips when traveling.

Karen / N.E. Development

With her vast knowledge and approachable


From the conception of our mission statement to 

 Jenny is able to encourage meaningful engagement. We continue to attract new attendees each session

Clean Eating

Clean Eating Made Simple is our most popular Nutrition Workshop and is perfect as an introduction to healthy eating.

Made Simple

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24 Hours to Less Stress, More Sleep is our most popular Wellbeing Workshop and is perfect for helping your employees manage stress during the day and recover at night.

24 Hours to Less Stress

More Sleep

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Performance and Productivity 101 is our most popular Performance Workshop and is the perfect introduction to time and energy management systems.

And Productivity

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