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Smart Sugar 

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A 14-Day Sugar Detox 




With my 2 week sugar detox plan you'll learn how to master your physical cravings and quiet the mental noise around sugar. 
The result? You'll unveil a flatter stomach, endless energy and glowing skin in just 14 days. 

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Learn how to master your physical cravings and quiet the mental noise around sugar

14 Day Detox is designed to get you results in just 2 short weeks to kickstart your journey to glowing health. 

You have stubborn weight gain, especially around the belly, bra strap (aka back fat) and or jawline. 
You want: to be able to slide effortlessly into those skinny jeans that are hidden in your closet.

You have: crazy bloating that gets worse and worse by the end of the day. 
You want: a stomach that is nearly as flat at the end of the day as it is in the morning  

You have: energy slumps around 11am, 3pm and 7pm (but then can't fall asleep at 10pm)
You want: to feel sharp, energized and vibrant throughout the day and fall asleep easily at bedtime

You have: friends that say 'are you okay, you look tired?' when you meet them at Soulcycle or for your weekly coffee date
You want: friends that say 'you look stunning, what did you do?' And then insist it must be botox, ozempic, surgery or all of the above...

14 Day Detox is for you if... 

You have: breakouts, redness, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. 
You want: clear, glowing skin that looks 5-10 years younger than you actually are. 

Reset Your Health 

and Cleanse From Sugar To Get

As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I understand that juice cleanses, skinny teas and fad diets do not work. 14 Day Detox is the program I use when I need to kickstart my health and feel incredible, and I know it will do the same for you.

i want these results

Results That Last

You are disinterested  by fad diets and social media trends and want clear, science-based instructions. 

The Smart Woman

 You don’t have time to put in days of research or spend hours in the kitchen and want a quick, easy and long-lasting solution.

The Busy Woman

You lean heavily on sugar and caffeine to get you through the day but you want to rethink your approach to energy and focus on healthier habits.

The Tired Woman

You eat well but feel bloated and a little heavy, and know you could feel better with the right advice and guidance.

The ‘wants to do Better Woman’

You love health and nutrition and want to uplevel your wellness for glowing skin and endless energy.

The ‘Wellthy' Woman

Who This




Glowing Skin 

It's true. Detoxing from sugar will give you glowing skin and more energy - it's the same approach Jennifer uses with her celebrity clients to get them red carpet ready. 

But if they had led to long-lasting results, would you be here?  Unlike other detox programs 14 Day Detox is based in science and proven to have maintainable results

This proven sugar detox will also give you better digestion and a flatter stomach. And the best part? The results don't have to be temporary. 

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Other Detoxes

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Great...For Good

Sugar Detox

and Energy

2 Week Cleanse

Detox on

Your Schedule

You can join the 14 Day Detox at any time, and complete the program when it works for you, as many times as you like. Whether you're the busy woman, the tired woman or the 'wellthy' woman this 14-Day Detox fits seamlessly into your schedule. Join at any time and complete the program as many times as you wish. 



2 Week Sugar-Free



Enjoy 14 days of sugar-free recipes including options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a healthy snack options.

A Guide to Spotting 

Added Sugars

Master the art of identifying added sugars and caloric sweeteners effortlessly, ensuring fooled by so called "healthy" foods again. 

Understand Your Blood Markers

Learn the blood sugar markers you should be asking your doctor to measure, how to track your blood sugar at home and how to interpret the results.

Blood Sugar Balancing 

Supplement Guide

 Explore a comprehensive guide explaining which supplements and brands support glucose metabolism and sugar detoxification. 



Never feel deprived with this go-to guide to the sugar-free alternative for your favourite foods. 

Sugar Free


Watch (and rewatch) video coaching-with accompanying guides - on how to control cravings, eat out on the detox and recover from a sugar binge. 


The Ultimate


Plan For

Imagine if you could boost immunity, wellness and digestion, lose weight and get clear, glowing skin all whilst enjoying nourishing whole food recipes that are easy to make and delicious. 


You can with 14 day detox

Why Should
You Join  

I think the better question is, do you want to be free from all-consuming thoughts about sugar, easily slide into your old skinny jeans, and get comments from your friends like "you look stunning—what are you doing differently?" when they see you at pilates?

If yes to any of the need 14-Day Sugar Detox. 

i want these results

This Program? 

liz / london

After 14 Day Detox I now wake up every day 

 instead of needing multiple coffees to get me through the day.

full of energy

Jenny’s sensibility, wisdom, knowledge, and 

jenn / nyc

thoughtful approach

separate her from the


in the health and wellness industry.

sandra / nyc

Everyone keeps telling me how

I look like I’m in my thirties.

turned 50 in November and

wore a fabulous dress and felt like a movie star.

I Just

I just turned 50 in November and




your holistic nutritionist 



Jennifer Hanway is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Celebrity Health Coach and Wellness Expert. She combines a 360-degree view of health and wellness with accountability to achieve life-changing results.

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