An online weight loss  program designed for women to help you achieve sustainable weight loss, reset your metabolism and increase your energy.

Lean & Clean is an 8 week weight loss program created by celebrity nutritionist Jennifer Hanway to help you lose weight, boost your energy and reset your metabolism. 


“I'm in my early 50's and have lost 30lbs on the Lean & Clean Program, and I have kept it off almost a year afterwards. My doctor has also taken me off my blood pressure medication, and my friends and colleagues cannot believe my transformation.” 

Amy / Aged 53

There is so much misinformation around healthy, sustainable weight loss for women over forty —it’s no wonder you’ve struggled to lose those stubborn pounds that just won’t shift the way they used to.  

You’ve exhausted every “tip and trick” in the DIY book… 

Whole30, calorie counting, a macro coach, Peloton every day, running (and hating it), “healthy” meal delivery, reading books, blogs, and listening to podcasts, Intermittent Fasting, keto diets, juice cleanses, and doctor supervised shake diets.
Enough. We use the science based, evidence backed Fat Burning Foods and Fat Burning Fitness Formulas as part of our online metabolic weight loss program to get you losing weight and burning fat in as little as 2 weeks. 

I'm sick of feeling stuck

But you can change your current “unhealthy” lifestyle, even if you’re struggling with sugar, constantly hungry, not seeing results, or lacking confidence and support

The reason most “diets” and programs don’t work for you is because they don’t account for your daily life, responsibilities, and changing hormone levels. Instead of truly helping you, these programs leave you feeling deprived and restricted, and it leads you to binge and yo-yo diet.  They perpetuate the never-ending cycle of food-related stress. 

 Lean & Clean is an 8 week online  weight loss program designed for women by a metabolic health expert.

Lean & Clean, a science based online metabolic weight loss program for women gives you unparalleled support, accountability, feedback and  community, via our weekly live coaching sessions and our online platform.

It's time to put yourself first. It's time to stop hiding behind baggy clothes and covering your tummy, thighs or arms. It's time to stop cancelling dates or drinks with friends because you don't feel confident. Instead, it's time to shine. 


Lean & Clean is designed to work for you and your lifestyle, it's not a 'quick fix' but it does get quick results.

“Jenny’s Lean and Clean Program made it very easy to reframe how to build my meals, think about nutrition and food without feeling like I was following a “diet.” Now, I feel empowered to order smart off a menu when necessary, include the right nutrients and have dropped my body fat percentage as well!”

Kate / Aged 32




Increased energy and lost belly fat 

Loved the easy to follow meal plans 


Eliminated bloat and improved skin health

Satisfied and leaner without having to count calories

our weight loss program includes guides on  lowering your blood sugar and weight loss through menopause. 

Lean & Clean  is a weight loss program designed especially for  women.

Many women come to me feeling “afraid’ of foods or stressed out about what to eat and what not to eat.

You tell yourself you can do a restrictive diet, and then you get your period, or the weekend arrives. You’re invited to a social event, you travel, you get too busy to meal prep, and before you know it, you’re in the drive-through line or ordering take-out (again).  

Lean & Clean teaches you what to eat, when to eat and how to eat so you can finally get rid of your cravings. Not just a diet plan, you'll learn the Fat Burning Foods Formula so you can make blood sugar balancing meals for life. 

The Lean & Clean Fat Burning Formulas are not just effective, but they are designed to be simple and easy, with most recipes taking around 15-30 minutes to make and workouts that fit into your schedule.
I’m even sharing my guide for clean(er) drinking and the exact menu items to order at popular restaurants so you can still enjoy yourself when you’re out without sabotaging your results.

I want to eliminate food stress

Inside this 8 week online weight loss program, you'll learn how to choose and eat blood sugar balancing, inflammation lowering foods.

The goal is that you won’t even see this program as a diet, just a new way to eat with delicious recipes that leave you feeling full, nourished, and energized. 

The only program you'll ever need for sustainable weight loss 

“In January, I started this program, and I felt better within the first couple of weeks (I'm in my 50's). The program ended a few weeks ago, but it was so simple I’ve made the changes permanent.”

Elizabeth / Aged 51

Lean & Clean is designed to be simple and easy and you'll see results in just a couple of weeks.  

Lean & Clean is An Online metabolic weight loss program for results that last. 

Finally reaching your goal weight and fitting into your skinny jeans

No more binging when stressed or on your period

Not being “afraid” of food or stressing about what to eat or avoid

Feeling confident to show your body in tight clothes or a swimsuit 

Reduced hot flashes, joint pain and brain fog

Knowing what to eat in a bar or restaurant to stay on track 

Weight loss support through perimenopause and post menopause.

with Lean & Clean you'll achieve:

Lean & Clean tells you EXACTLY what to do whilst still feeling supported, guided, and seen

It also was built with the challenges of a career, children, ageing parents, plus fluctuating hormone levels in mind because I know you can’t just drop everything to change your eating and lifestyle habits. 

With the support and guidance in this program, you’ll learn how to make great choices for yourself that have lasting (positive) side effects, just like Suzanne and Louise.

“Since working with Jenny and the Lean & Clean program, I've lost weight and my cholesterol has lowered by 30 points.”

Suzanne / aged 47

"I did everything Jenny told me, and in just 8 weeks, I have lost a considerable amount of weight, a new panel of blood work proved I was now in a “healthy” range, whereas I was in the 'critical ranges before the program."

LOUISE / aged 60

It’s time to feel drastically more confident in your skin, and that starts with your food choices.

Feeling uncomfortable in your skin is an endless battle with yourself. Even if you are body neutral, you know you’d feel more confident and comfortable in all situations. Maybe you’d rock a two-piece without throwing a towel over your stomach, maybe you’d stop pulling at your shirt so it’s not hugging your tummy, maybe you’d stop hiding in the back in photos or canceling plans because you feel self-conscious. 

No matter what your “why” is,  I want to help you fall in love with the body you live in.

Fall in love with the body you live in

Lean & Clean is an 8 week online weight loss
program for women designed by a metabolic weight loss coach.

You’ll learn to make healthy choices through self-love, not punishment and guilt, choices that skyrocket the trajectory of your health. 

Healthy, lean, and confident in (and out of) your clothes 

Confident in your own food choices with the Fat Burning Foods Formula 

Free from obsessing over what to eat/counting calories

Knowledgeable about what to eat, when to eat and how to eat to feel and look your best at all times - you'll be the one your friends come to for diet advice

Strong and confident in your workouts with the Fat Burning Fitness Formula 

With this program, you will feel better than ever:

Better than you did in your twenties, even after having children 

reset your metabolism for sustainable weight loss

“Working with Jenny has reinforced that being 52 is simply just a number and not an age! Shortly after I turned 50, I noticed an inexplicable change in how I felt and mysteriously gained a few pounds – even though my diet and exercise routine had not changed. After seeking guidance from a couple of doctors to no avail I started with Jenny’s Lean & Clean program which was a great jump start for my metabolism and then transitioned to a private client for additional focus. Now I am leaner and stronger than I was in my late teens/early twenties – even after having 3 children.”

Tina / Aged 52

Lean & Clean is an online  metabolic weight loss program designed to help you reach your goal weight, look and feel lean and toned and find consistency with your diet and workouts 


You'll receive a 2 week fast results Kickstart Plan, an 8 week Metabolic Reset Plan, Fat Burning Workouts delivered via our app plus guides on balancing your blood sugar, optimizing your hormones and eating out on the program. 

Here’s your plan for weight loss that lasts

Module 1: 

Meet the Fat Burning Foods Formula that will reset your metabolism

  • Learn the Fat Burning Foods Formula for metabolism boosting meals
  • Watch our Quickstart Guide to start getting fast results
  • Start tracking your progress using our easy to use food journal

Module 2:  

Boost your metabolism with the lean & Clean meal plans

  • 14 Day Kickstart Plan designed to cleanse your system and reduce inflammation
  • 8 Week Metabolic Reset Plan designed to reboot and reset your metabolism 

  • Learn how to balance your blood sugar to burn stored body fat
  • Get the Sugar Free Swaps Guide for Lean & Clean Versions of your favourite foods
  • Bonus: Blood Sugar Balancing and Fat Burning Supplement Guide

Module 3: 

balance your blood sugar &  switch your body into fat burning mode

  • Learn how to balance your blood sugar to burn stored body fat
  • Get the Sugar Free Swaps Guide for Lean & Clean Versions of your favourite foods
  • Bonus: Blood Sugar Balancing and Fat Burning Supplement Guide

Module 4: 

the workouts that Burn fat and boost your metabolism 

  • Meet the Lean & Clean Fat Burning Fitness Formula designed especially for women
  • Understanding your workouts and accessing the app for success
  • Fitting your workouts in on the busiest of schedules 

Module 5: 

How to manage  stress and get better sleep for maximum fat loss

  • Why managing your stress and getting more sleep might be your missing piece for seeing the scale shift
  • Stress relieving techniques for the busiest of lifestyles
  • How to optimise your sleep for a faster metabolism 

Module 6: 

Hormone balance during perimenopause, menopause and post menopause




Understand the hormones that make us gain and lose weight (and how to balance them)
Learn how to sync your cycles for optimum health
Maximise weight loss even during menopause and post menopause

Module 7: 

Staying Lean & Clean whilst travelling and eating out

  • How to eat out confidently and comfortably without tipping the scale the next day
  • How to use the Lean & Clean Fat Burning Foods Formula where ever you are 
  • My go-to guide for clean(er) drinking so you can still enjoy yourself 
  • Bonus: your guide to the exact items to order in popular restaurants

Module 8:  

Living the Lean & Clean Lifestyle 

  • How to re-introduce (good) carbs into your diet
  • Understanding the 70/30 rule for lasting results
  • How to take your weight loss results to the next level 

The Last Weight Loss
Program You'll Ever Buy


“After learning from Jenny and following her personalized approach to becoming healthy, the weight and stress melted away. I was finally able to fit into skinny jeans that I stored away in the back of my closet.”  

Jenn / Aged 32

Lean & Clean ensures you don’t have to go through this journey alone.

I know fitting your workouts in, shopping for and prepping healthy food, and staying consistent can be challenging. It can be easy to feel discouraged if you’re not losing weight or inches, and working out is often the last thing you want to do at the end of your busy day, especially if you’re a parent with kids in the house or you have a job that needs you all hours of the day (and night).

But finally losing weight, feeling great in your yoga pants, and drastically improving health is worth committing to — especially when this program was designed for busy women like you and includes real-time support for when the going gets tough. 

Lean & Clean actually saves you time by handing you a prepared meal plan, giving you a pre-made grocery list, and stopping you from Googling “healthy meals” for the 10th time today. 

Plus, all the workouts are quick, but effective because you don’t need to spend hours in the gym each day to lose weight and get toned. 

Ready to look and feel even better than your younger self?

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“Everyone keeps telling me how I look like I’m in my thirties. I just turned 50 in November and wore a fabulous dress and felt like a movie star.”

SANDRA / aged 50

Lean & Clean gives you unparalleled support, accountability, feedback, and community from a women's weight loss expert.  

Lean & Clean includes meal plans, recipes video masterclasses, downloadable guides, combined with a thriving community and real time support to keep you on track throughout the program.  

Choose the Premium Access option and you'll also receive a 30 Minute Kickstarter call with Jenny, a personalised 14 Day Action Plan and  the chance to join me for Live Q&A Sessions, Masterclasses and even get access to a Private Lean & Clean Podcast! 

i want weight loss for life

Included in your Lean & Clean 8 Week Weight Loss Program

Created to get you results fast. This meal plan is designed to reduce bloating, burn belly fat, boost your energy and set you up for the metabolic reset. 

14 Day diet Kickstart Plan

Designed to build lean muscle, burn fat and boost your metabolism, our workouts are suitable for beginner to advanced, are quick but effective and are delivered via our easy to use app.  No gym equipment needed! 

 Fat Burning Boosting Workouts

The tools, tips, tricks, and techniques to maximize your results no matter how busy you are.  Includes guides to eating out, travelling, cycle syncing, better sleep, blood sugar balance and weight loss during perimenopause. 

Womens weight loss
Lifestyle guides

Feel seen and uplifted throughout your weight loss journey with our exclusive Lean & Clean Community where you can connect with Jennifer, the Lean & Clean Team and your fellow participants.  


PRemium Access  Option

I'm ready to get Lean & Clean 

Choose our Premium Access Option and you'll also receive a 30 Minute Kickstarter call with Jenny, a personalised 14 Day Action Plan and the chance to join me for Live Q&A Sessions, Masterclasses and even get access to a Private Lean & Clean Podcast. 

 8 week meal plans for womens weight loss

8 weeks of fat burning recipes including options for breakfast, lunch dinner, and a healthy snack PLUS the Fat Burning Meal Formula so you can build your own meals and snacks. 

Jennifer Hanway,  Certified Holistic Nutritionist  

Growing up, I struggled with weight gain throughout my teens and even whilst working as a professional dancer and fitness instructor in my twenties and early thirties. This greatly impacted my self-esteem, self-confidence, and quality of life. 

When I decided to go back to school to study nutrition, metabolic health and hormone balance, I finally understood what I was doing wrong all this time—eating low calorie, low fat, doing too much cardio, and no weights—and what I could do to make it right. 

Meet your metabolic weight loss coach

Lean & Clean is the weight loss program and online platform that was created from those strategies that has worked for 100's of my clients aged 40+ (including the celebrities) and I know it can work for you. 

It's the program that will help you feel lean, toned, strong, confident and happy in your body. You'll never worry about what to wear, feel like you need to cover your arms or stomach or feel like you can't go to a social event because you don't look good enough. 

The strategies in this program have worked for so many women in your situation and I know it can work for you.


Ready to get started?

Imagine if you could lose weight and tone up effortlessly, have endless energy, and always feel confident in the body you live in. 

Not only will you lose weight, but you'll learn the strategies for sustainable weight loss for life … 


“I have just completed Lean and Clean Program with Jennifer Hanway. I did the program in hopes of losing weight which I have found very difficult over the last few years as I got older. I lost a total of 12 pounds during the Metabolic Reset which I was very happy about, but I was happier to learn this new way of eating.”

Ellen / Aged 47


“I just want to write you a note of gratitude. I really enjoyed the Lean & Clean program. I found the recipes so simple to make, delicious and satisfying. I also really appreciate you helping to explain the science behind a low-carb lifestyle and how other factors come into play.”

Liz / Aged 35

core access: 

Core Access

Core Access includes: 

✓ 14 Day Quickstart Plan
✓ 8 Week Metabolic Reset Diet
✓ 8 Week Fat Burning Fitness Plan
✓ Fat Burning Supplements Guide
✓ Sleep & Stress for Fat Loss Guide
✓ Perimenopause & Post Menopause Hormonal Optimization Guide
✓ Lean & Clean Whilst Travelling Guide
✓ Living the Lean & Clean Lifestyle Guide
✓ Core Access to the Lean & Clean Community 

Join Now

Join Now

Premium Access

Premium Access includes:

✓ 14 Day Quickstart Plan
✓ 8 Week Metabolic Reset Diet
✓ 8 Week Fat Burning Fitness Plan
✓ Fat Burning Supplements Guide
✓ Sleep & Stress for Fat Loss Guide
✓ Perimenopause & Post Menopause Hormonal Optimization Guide
✓ Lean & Clean Whilst Travelling Guide
✓ Living the Lean & Clean Lifestyle Guide
✓ 3 Month Access to the Lean & Clean Premium Community  
✓ 30 Minute Kickstarter Call with Jenny
✓ Personalised Action Plan Designed by Jenny 
✓ 3 x Monthly Live Zoom Q&A Calls with Jenny 
✓ 3 x Monthly Live Masterclasses
✓ Private Lean & Clean Podcast

I believe in you, and will be with you 100% of the way through the program, but if 7 days into the program you decide it is not for you, I will provide you with a full refund. I just ask that you show you have put in the work. You'll need to have filled in your tracking spreadsheet, completed the workouts  for 7 days and watched 25% of the online content to receive the refund. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

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The Last Weight Loss Program You'll Ever Buy 


The Fastest Way to Achieve Lasting Weight Loss

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VIP Access

VIP Program Includes:

✓Everything in the Core Access Program 
✓ Everything in the Premium Access Program 
✓ Personalized Labwork Recommendations and Review 
✓ 1 x 60 Minute Private Coaching Session with Jennifer
✓ 2 x 30 Minute Private Coaching Sessions with Jennifer 
✓ Weekly Food Diary Review 

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VIP access

Includes Labwork Review and
Private Coaching with Jennifer 

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