My 8-Week Lean & Clean online group coaching weight loss program was strategically designed for those struggling with finding food freedom and loving the body they’re in.

Jennifer Hanway offers online clean eating and weight loss programs


Do you struggle with feeling confident in your own skin?

My Lean and Clean Program helps you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. I understand that when you look good, you feel good, and you show up as your best self in the world.

Do you struggle to make consistently healthy food choices and spend far too much time thinking about food?

I’ve got you. From done-for-you meal plans to reading food labels and choosing from menus, I take the struggle out of clean eating and foods for weight loss.

Confused about the best workout for your weight loss goals?

The program includes 6 workouts that build lean muscle and burn fat fast that you can do at home, no equipment required. They are scalable from beginner to advanced, delivered by video format, and are designed to get you results fast.

Sick of being constantly hungry but not seeing the scale shift?

I use my tried and tested, science-based weight-loss strategies to help you lose the weight you never thought you could, and keep it off. Lean and Clean is not a quick fix, but you’ll get quick results.

Following online meal plans but want the real-time support and feedback of a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist?

I’ll guide you every step of the way. Not only has Lean and Clean been my journey to food freedom and body confidence but I’ve guided hundreds of women (including royal princesses, a-list actresses and music stars) to loving the skin they live in.

Feel like you’re on your own when trying to weight loss?

Not this time. You’ll be in community with a group of women facing the same challenges as you for accountability, support and feedback via our private FB group, social media platforms and live community content.

If you answered yes to any of those questions above, you’re not alone. I’m here every step of the way.

Lean & Clean program is everything you need to find freedom with food and LOVE the body you’re in.

I understand – knowing where to start when it comes to kickstarting your health journey can be extremely overwhelming. So, that’s where I come in…

I’m here to take the weight off of your shoulders, help you crush your goals, and get you to a place where you have food freedom and wake up every day in a body you love!

My 8-week Lean and Clean program was strategically designed to help you stabilize blood sugar, balance hunger hormones, conquer sugar craving, boost energy, and raise metabolism. It includes a combination of a targeted clean eating food plans, fat burning workouts, supplements for healthy weight loss, and stress-relieving lifestyle modifications. My Lean and Clean formula enables your body to use stored body fat for fuel, increase your metabolism by adding lean muscle and achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss.

Lean and Clean online weight loss program

My 8 Week Lean and Clean Program includes:

Clean Eating Made Easy

70+ recipes, meal plans, snack options, guides to eating out, and supplement suggestions

Quick, Effective Workouts

Workout tips to help build lean muscle and burn body fat fast

Support & Accountability

Support and accountability with weekly check-ins and a private Facebook group

16+ Hours of  Video Content

Weekly live Q&A sessions, wellness workshops and more! 

A strategically designed weight loss and meal plan program for those struggling with finding food freedom and loving the body they’re in.

  • Get to a place where you hardly recognize yourself because you’ve transformed into your highest, happiest, and most confident self.

  • Go from seeing the scale hardly move to the scale moving in a direction you’ve always wanted it to.

  • Easily go from feeling alone, overwhelmed, and lost to becoming a pro when it comes to feeding and nurturing yourself.

  • Join 100’s other women who have gained food freedom and body confidence through the Lean & Clean 8-Week Program.

My 8-Week Lean and Clean Program is here to help. Enroll now and begin the program today for $697 (payment plan available).


Ellen: Discovered Healthier Approaches to Eating

“I have just completed the 8 week Lean and Clean Program with Jennifer Hanway. I did the program in hopes of losing weight which I have found very difficult over the last few years. I lost a total of 12 pounds which I was very happy about, but I was happier to learn this new way of eating. How to think about what to eat for each meal (protein, vegetables and fats) was easy to follow. The recipes were excellent – ways of mixing different foods that I never would have thought of. My exercise tolerance has increased and I feel I am getting more from each workout. I do not think of this as I diet and will continue on with this program.”

Liz: A Lean & Clean Convert For Life

“I just want to write you a note of gratitude. I have really enjoyed this Lean & Clean program. I found the recipes so simple to make, delicious and satisfying. I also really appreciate you helping to explain the science behind a low-carb lifestyle and how other factors come into play. I just signed up to be lean & clean for life since I want to keep the good momentum going! The first few weeks of the program I was super diligent and lost about 10 pounds! I did go a little off course the last 2 weeks with election stress but it’s encouraging to know that if I stick to the program and try and control my cravings I will be set up for success.”

Jenn: In Love With Her New, Less-Stressed Self

“Jennifer Hanway changed my life in ways that extended beyond my understanding of nutrition. I learned how to be kind to myself and nourish my body and soul with her program and dedicated support. For me, the thought of ever losing weight and reducing the stress in my life was an insurmountable mountain. With Jenny’s expertise, experience, and incredibly kind heart, we moved mountains together with ease.

Jenny’s sensibility, wisdom, knowledge, and thoughtful approach separate her from the rest in the health and wellness industry. I carried weight and stress on my body for years and nothing I tried helped with either. After learning from Jenny and following her personalized approach to becoming healthy, the weight and stress melted away. Not only was I able to fit into skinny jeans that I stored away in the back of my closet, I learned to prioritize myself. I learned how to eat for my body. I learned how to approach my challenging work and how to date in Manhattan (which is no easy task)!  My skin began to glow and I was sleeping at night with ease.

Jenny is a true wellness guru — she changed my life. I love how I feel. I love my new relationship with myself, my body, my mental health, exercise, food, work, and personal relationships. Jenny is one of a kind and I am forever thankful for to her for her patience and dedication to helping me achieve my goals.”

Kate: The No-Diet Approach to Weight Loss

“Jenny’s Lean and Clean Program made it very easy to reframe how to build my meals, think about nutrition and food without feeling like I was following a “diet”. Now, I feel empowered to order smart off a menu when necessary, include the right nutrients and have dropped my body fat percentage as well!”

Elizabeth: Tackled Chronic Health Issues 

“I spent the better part of the last 4 years with some kind of “random” joint pain (shoulder, foot, hip, etc) which I treated as individual events rather than an ongoing, systemic problem. Then last summer and through the fall, it was near-constant muscle fatigue, all-over joint pain, and exhaustion – if I got the energy to spin or walk I need to nap when I got home. I finally met with my GP and when my bloodwork came back showing I was healthy I about lost it. He referred me to a Rheumatologist and put me on an NSAID but I knew I needed to do more. (PS: Rheumatologist can’t find anything wrong with me either). In January, I started this program (my daughter Lulu worked with Jenny last year with great success) and I felt better within the first couple of weeks. The program ended a few weeks ago but it was so simple i’ve made the changes permanent. Now that I’m feeling 110% I’ve been able to exercise like I used to and have been so grateful for all of the virtual training help from my friend and the daily #gymclass with my family. We’re all hyper-focused on our health right now and I’m incredibly thankful to have mine.”


What kind of weight loss results can I expect? 

Whilst results can vary from person to person, previous participants have seen up to 20lbs weight loss over the 8 week program.

I’m a working mom with 2 kids. Will I have to spend hours in the kitchen?

Absolutely not! All of the Lean and Clean meal plans and recipes have been designed to be quick and easy (and delicious)!

Is the program suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes! Not only are many meals easily adaptable to plant based diets (guidance is given), you will also receive a bonus guide specifically designed with low carb vegan recipes.

Do I go back to my old way of eating after the 8 week weight loss program? 

I like to say that Lean and Clean gets you quick weight loss results, but is not a quick fix. All of our previous participants have said how much they love eating ‘Lean and Clean’ and will approach food that way for life!

Enrollment for Lean & Clean is now open. Sign up to start today!