28 Day Gut Healing Online Program

A diet plan based on gut healing protocols to help you heal long-standing issues and improve your wellness.

Gut health is the foundation of wellness.

Are you sick of suffering with long-standing skin issues such as acne, eczema and rosacea? Feeling bloated, gassy or sluggish?

Suffering from fatigue, hormonal imbalances and weight gain?

Generally healthy but know you could feel better? Want to maximize your health, and feel incredible?

This online course and is a new approach to gut healing. My four-part approach is like no other gut health plan available. This program has helped hundreds of my clients heal long standing gut issues, get incredible skin, balance hormones, lose excess body fat and enliven their lightest, brightest you.

You’ll receive a diet plan that includes 4 weeks of personalized recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, supplement suggestions and wellness strategies, all individually designed to create optimum gut health based on my tried and tested strategies.

This science based approach combined with support and accountability from me achieves amazing results.

Jennifer Hanway, holistic nutritionist


You’ll be supported throughout the program through access to our Private Facebook Group for questions, feedback and support from me and your fellow program participants.

choosing foods that reduce gut inflammation at the market


You’ll receive 4 weeks of breakfast, lunch, dinner and smoothie recipes, meal plans and grocery lists. All are designed following gut healing protocols. This diet plan will help you remove inflammatory foods from your diet and replace them with nourishing options that will heal your intestinal lining and rebalance your microbiome. Low FODMAP, Candida and SIBO friendly options will be given too.

start your day with gut healing, anti-inflammatory foods for breakfast


In addition you’ll received targeted and personalized supplement recommendations to help you heal of your gut lining and balance your microbiome.

You’ll also receive special offers and discounts on program-approved products.

My brand new gut healing diet plan is coming in early 2021!

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What people say about this course

“I loved it! I was at a wedding last weekend and my friends were complimenting me on how glowing my skin was. I have also never been a very good cook so it was fun to experiment with new recipes and challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. thank you so much for putting together this program! I’m looking forward to adopting these changes going forward because I really loved the way my body felt! ” — Liz, Boston

“I am so happy i did it! my skin cleared up, my bloating went away completely and i felt more comfortable in clothing. I also had more energy and didn’t feel the need to constantly eat and snack. My boyfriend who also undertook the program also wants to stick to eating this way since we both received a lot of benefits! We’re actually doing the program again this month as we loved it so much! Made the thai fish soup last night – big hit in the house :)”— Erica, Boston