Coconut: Is more always better?

Just like with so many wellness trends, I often see the thinking that ‘if some is good, more is better’, but very often that is not true, and can lead to negative outcomes rather than positive ones. As yesterday was #NationalCoconutDay so I want to share some of the benefits, and potential missteps of including this beloved wellness staple into your daily routine!


Use coconut oil to cook foods at higher temperatures. Coconut oil has a higher smoke than oils such a olive oil (save for dressings) and canola oil (throw that in the garbage now), which means in can be heated to higher temperatures without producing damaging free radicals that can cause inflammation in the body.

Use coconut butter as your healthy fat in your smoothie. Coconut butter is a rich source of potassium, calcium and magnesium, and is packed full of fibre. It can also be great in recipes. Check out how I use it on my delicata squash here.

Replace sodium heavy soy sauce with gluten and soy free coconut aminos in sauces and dressings.


Use full fat coconut milk (the stuff in a can) in your smoothies, unless you are on a ketogenic diet, and even then, proceed with caution. This amount of fat is difficult for anyone to metabolize, and could leave you with GI issues, and take you way over your calorie needs for the day. ⠀

Put coconut oil in your coffee, and have breakfast too! I recommend to my clients that if they have a ‘bulletproof-style’ coffee in the mornings to add collagen powder and have this as a breakfast replacement. Again, way too much fat and cals, even on a kept diet. For a healthier alternative that will keep you full and satisfied check out my Coffee Coconut Smoothie.

Drink gallons of ‘coconut water’ – this can be a sneaky source of blood spiking sugar, made even worse by the fact it doesn’t come with any fibre. Coconut water should be an occasional treat, not an everyday occurrence. ⠀

Use coconut oil as a moisturizer! Coconut oil is comedogenic, which mean that it sits on top of the skin and can clog the pores, leading to breakouts and acne.

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