Ask Jenny: Flying with Supplements and Powders

Cassandra writes: “Jenny, how do you recommend packing your vitamins/supplements in a carry-on without trouble from TSA?”

Great question Cassandra! I fly to NYC from Boston at least twice a month, and love to be able to just whizz through security with as little fuss as possible.

Supplement capsules and tablets never seem a problem, so I just portion these out into super handy small storage jars from blender bottle – I’ve linked to these in my Amazon Store (link below).

Powders seem to come under more scrutiny and will always get pulled out and checked by CSA, so I either portion out in the storage jars and keep them on top of my luggage (or even separate them as I go through), or even easier (but less sustainable) is to but single-serve protein powders and collagens packets.  I’m currently loving Ancient Nutrition Chocolate Bone Broth Protein and Vital Proteins Marine Collagen – both available in single servings to make things easy.

Don’t forget to pack a small shaker bottle either – I used to recommend the USB powdered bottles, but they die so quickly I’ve gone back to the old school shaker bottle!