Top Five: Healthy Coffee Substitutes

Its no secret that I love my coffee! But after struggling with lowered thyroid function and endocrine system disruption (i.e. tired, stressed, hair loss, irregular periods) for over 6 months I knew that my protocol had to include taking a break from coffee, then slowly re-introducing it and limiting it to just one (delicious) cup a day.

When working with my clients ones of my fail safe strategies to break an unhealthy habit is to find it a replacement – quite often a big part of the addiction is tied to habit or routine, and I knew that one of the reasons I loved my morning coffee was that is was part of my ritual of starting the day in a positive way and having some ‘me-time’.

Replacing coffee with a healthier alternative was my goal, and below I share my top five options for when you need something a little calmer than coffee!

With caffeine:

Zen Matcha Tea: for years I has eschewed the matcha latte craze, finding it just too bitter and earthy for my liking. However after trying various different brands of matcha I have found I love the delicate taste of Zen Matcha Tea, blended with warm almond milk and a touch of stevia. If I am in a rush in the mornings and need my matcha to sustain me until I get a chance to eat I use my Perfectly Balanced Matcha Latte recipe from my 28 Day Guided Gut Healing Program.

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MUD\WTR: this blend of masala chai, cacao, adaptogens and herbs was actually recommended to me by a client, and its not just delicious but I always feel amazing afterwards to. Its probably the closest ‘feeling’ to a cup of coffee, and I like mine with warm nut milk for a gentle mid morning or mid afternoon boost.

Without caffeine:

Maca Latte: a good Maca Latte can be a wonderful replacement for coffee as Maca helps give a steady boost of energy without raising our cortisol levels. My favourite is New Chapter’s Maca Fermented Booster Powder as I think it tastes less bitter than other Maca powders I’ve tried, and the fermentation progress increases the availability of the nutrients and makes it easier to digest. I blend mine with almond milk, a little ginger (fresh or grated), cinnamon, vanilla essence and a touch of organic stevia or honey.

Dandy Blend: I remember selling Dandy Blend whilst working in a health store whilst I was in college, and it was one of the first caffeine free coffee alternatives. Made from a blend of roasted dandelion, chicory, beets, rye and barley I like this blended with hot water with a splash of almond milk. Its not bitter at all so I drink it without sweetener. Whilst it is gluten free it does contain grains, so may not be suitable for those who are sensitive to grains or following a low FODMAP/AIP diet.

Rooibos Chai: whilst you can take the girl out of England, you can’t take the English out of the girl! Granted, this is a caffeine and dairy free to the English ‘cuppa’, but it is as close as I’ve come to the real thing. A cup of Rooibos Chai with a splash of almond milk is my afternoon go-to, and I will also quite often have a cup after my evening meal to help with digestion and to keep sweet cravings at bay. My absolute favourite is from Numi Tea.