Training Tuesday: Home for the Holidays Workout!

Its Training Tuesday!
Last week a lot of my clients and readers asked for a workout they could do at home as they won’t have access to a gym over the holidays, so here it is!

No equipment needed, just a little room and a little energy! From beginning to end the workout should only take 45 to 50 minutes to complete.

Warm Up 

perform once

Walkout to High Plank to 4 Shoulder Planks x 4

Worlds Greatest Stretch x 2 each side

Down Dog to Yoga Push Up x 4

Lower Body

perform each exercise 10 times (each leg for lunges)/ repeat block 3 times

Upper Body

perform each exercise 10 times / repeat block 3 times

Push Up

Dolphin Push Up

Tricep Dip

Mountain Climbers


perform each exercise 10 times / repeat block 3 times

Dead Bug

Alternating Single Leg Raise

Russian Twist

Plank Up


perform once, twice, or as many times as you like!

I would love to hear from you below if you tried this workout! Leave a comment below and I will always reply, or post a pic of you on Instagram or FB and tag me so I can see your hard work!

The information and materials provided in this blog are to support and assist people who are looking to improve their health and wellbeing I understand that all new dietary/supplements/ exercise programs should be undertaken after consultation with a medical doctor. Jennifer Hanway is not responsible for any injury or illness sustained whilst following the information in this blog.



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