Training Tuesday: The Double Whammy

Happy Training Tuesday!
I often get asked whether cardio or strength training is more important, and my answer is usually the very vague ‘Both. Depends on your goals…’

The majority of people (including me) can benefit from more of both in their lives, so I’ve designed a workout that combines building strength (weight) training with cardio that will build muscle and burn fat, and is suitable for all.

The beauty of this workout is that in can be done with minimal equipment, and is a great go-to for when the gym is super crowded (I see you January)…

Dumbbell Complex 1

The key to making this workout more beneficial is to move quickly between each set of 8 reps to the next exercise (use the same dumbbells) for maximum fat burning effect.

Beginners: choose lighter weights and aim for 4-6 rounds in total. Take up to 2 minutes rest between rounds. 1 round consists of all 5 exercises (8 reps of each) and the bike sprint.

Intermediate / Advanced: choose heavier weights and aim for 6-8 rounds in total. Take up to 1 minute between rounds  (1 round consists of all 5 exercises (8 reps of each) and the bike sprint.

Thank you to my wonderful Private Training and Thrive client Laura for being my amazing model! 

1) Dumbbell Push Press x 8

2) Dumbbell Bent Over Row x 8

3) Dumbbell RDL x 8

4) Dumbbell Split Squats x 8 Each Leg

5) Push Ups x 8

(rest 30 seconds)

6) Stationary Bike Sprints (go hard) for 30 seconds

Rest and Repeat

Rest: Beginners = 90-120 seconds / Advanced = 45-60 seconds

Repeat: Beginners = 4 to 6 rounds / Advanced = 6 to 8 rounds

I would love to hear from you below if you tried this workout! Leave a comment below and I will always reply, or post a pic of you on Instagram or FB and tag me so I can see your hard work!

The information and materials provided in this blog are to support and assist people who are looking to improve their health and wellbeing I understand that all new dietary/supplements/ exercise programs should be undertaken after consultation with a medical doctor. Jennifer Hanway is not responsible for any injury or illness sustained whilst following the information in this blog.

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