Ask Jenny: Do I Need to Do a 2 Week Detox?

This week’s question is about detox programs, and it comes from Natalie in New Jersey.

Hi Jenny! I see you have been posting a lot about detoxification and I wondered how you can tell if you need to do a detox or not? Thanks! 

Our Body’s Detoxify Naturally

Humans (in fact all living creatures) detoxify naturally, it is one of our body’s automatic functions, and in the same way breathing and circulation happens, we don’t have to think about it. The three main ways toxin come into the body are via the air (environmental toxins) through our lungs, our skin (beauty and self-care products) and through our diet – which is the main way toxins are taken in. All of these toxins are processed by the liver, and in the case of healthy detoxification then eliminated from the body.

Why You Need to Detox

Whilst detoxification is an automatic process, the sheer onslaught of toxins that we are exposed to in our modern day diets means that our livers have to work overtime to keep us safe and healthy, and can be become overwhelmed and burdened by this toxic load (think of the famous Lucille Ball Chocolate Factory sketch), resulting in less that optimum health and wellness.

We can help ease the burden on our livers in two ways:

  1. By limiting the amount of toxins we deliberately consume (think sugar, caffeine and alcohol)
  2. By including foods and supplements that help up-regulate our natural detoxification processes.

Factors Influencing Detoxification Activity

According to the scientific literature, these are the key factors that affect how well you detoxify:

• Genetic polymorphisms

• Age and gender

• Diet and lifestyle

• Environmental toxins

• Chronic disease

For most people, the majority of toxins are coming in from their diet, especially if your diet is high in processed foods, sugar, refined carbs and inflammatory fats, and you consume caffeine and/or alcohol on a regular basis, and if you diet is low in protein, fruits and vegetables and fibre. If this is the case then I do recommend periods in which you deliberately ‘detox’.

Signs You Need to Detox

If you are suffering with any of the following then you may benefit from a 2 week cleanse:

• low energy

• bloating, gas, constipation

• weight gain

• dark circles under the eyes

• dull, grey skin

• headaches

• low immune function

If you think you might benefit from a detox plan then my 14 Day Detox is here to help!

The program has been designed to eliminate the toxic foods in your diet and boost your body’s natural ability to detox whilst eating delicious and easy to make meals! For more information head to:

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