Taking the Stress Out of Stress Relief With Beam CBD

‘I know I should be managing my stress, but I just don’t have time…’

If I had a dollar for every client who said that to be, well, I’d have a lot of dollars. But quite frankly, you don’t have time to not manage your stress. Stress has such a detrimental effect on the body and can compromise your cognitive function, immune system, hormonal health, body composition, digestive system and skin quality, in addition to creating systemic inflammation and contributing to chronic disease. My new online program ‘Rise, Thrive, Revive’ (launching January 2020) is designed to help you manage stress and optimize energy on a daily basis, as this aspect of optimum health is so close to my heart.

I think one of the main reasons that people struggle to manage their stress is that they think that it has to be time-consuming, expensive, or both. But managing your stress in small ways, on a consistent basis is actually far more beneficial for your health than saving it up for a weekly yoga class, monthly massage or yearly meditation retreat. I love finding products that enable my clients to reduce stress and anxiety without even leaving their desks and Beam, my go-to organic, thc free CBD brand does just that!

Here are some ‘bitesize’ stress relievers that take less than 2 minutes to complete:

Deep breathing: making your exhale longer than your inhale stimulates your vagus nerve, communicating to your body that it is time to ‘rest and digest’. Just one deep breath can make a difference.

Balance Your Blood Sugar: blood sugar highs and lows are stressful to the body, as it tells your limbic system (our ‘lizard brains) that food availability is inconsistent. Blood sugar spikes induce high levels of insulin, which in turn produce high levels of cortisol, our stress hormone. Beam CBD Powered Protein Bars are a balanced blend of plant-based protein, sunflower seeds and oats that have the added benefit of 20mg of thc free cbd oil.

Lavender Essential Oil: there is clinical evidence that lavender oil has stress and anxiety-relieving effects. Keep an organic lavender essential oil rollerball in your bag to add to your pulse points, and inhale when stress levels rise.

Smile: smiling releases our feel-good, stress-relieving neurotransmitters and neuropeptides (proteins that act in a similar manner to hormones), and by smiling at someone else you can share the love and release the same calming chemicals in their brains too! And even if you don’t feel like smiling simply ‘fake it until you make it’ and paste on as smile, as this can have a similar effect…

Liposomal CBD Oil: I love to take Beam’s Mint CBD Oil liposomally (under the tongue) in the late afternoon. Taking it this way ensures efficient absorption, and the minty flavor tastes delicious!

For more information about organic, thc free Beam and to shop their stress-relieving products click here and use my code ‘jennyh’ to save 15%.

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