Plant Based Meal Delivery Services

My Top Tips for Healthy Meal Delivery Services

I talk to New Beauty Magazine about healthy meal delivery services…

What are the health and wellness benefits of doing subscription food delivery? 

There are many benefits to subscription food delivery services, and they can be especially helpful for those who are too busy to prepare and cook healthy options for themselves, or for those looking for a reset or to kick start healthier eating habits.

I’ve also found that rather than stopping cooking and relying on these services, they actually inspire me to try new ingredients or food preparation techniques – so they are great for someone looking to refresh their diets or renew their love of being in the kitchen.

Another aspect I love about some of these programs is the nutrient density and variety of ingredients included, and the extra little touches (such as edible flowers in a Sakara Life salad, or a juice with added adaptogens and probiotics from Urban Remedy) that you just wouldn’t go to the trouble of including at home. Typically when you are buying these ingredients in stores they can be cost prohibitive (or you cannot buy in small quantities), especially if you are making meals for just yourself. Nutrient density and diet variety is key to preventing food sensitivities, boosting gut health and ensuring you are getting adequate antioxidants and phytonutrients, and keeping our healthy meals interesting means we are less likely to succumb to cake or cookies!

Do you have any tips or tricks for using these programs wisely?

A lot of subscription food delivery services can be tailored to your needs, and my starting point would be to consider which meals you struggle with the most. If you never find time for a healthy breakfast then a smoothie delivery subscription could be great for you (and teach you how to build healthy smoothies), or if you always have breakfast but struggle with a balanced meal in the evenings because you work late then a program offering  lunch and evening meals would be better for you.

The type of program depends on whether it is a long term solution for you or a short term fix – you could have a smoothie delivery such as Daily Harvest every morning, but would only want to do a reset or detox once a season. I think it’s also important to maybe only subscribe Monday-Friday or take breaks, as I don’t like people to become disconnected to choosing, preparing and eating their own food. From a health perspective it is also important to understand what your body needs, and you may personally need more protein, carbs or fat than a certain program has to offer.

I love Sakara Life for their plant based meal delivery services. Save 20% on your first order with the code ‘XOJENNIFERHANWAY’ and order here. 

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