healthy eating for employees - photo by brooke lark

Why I Choose To Detox

I recommend 4 periods of detoxification a year for my clients and it’s a practice I undertake myself. The detoxes usually coincide with the change of the season, but can be undertaken anytime you feel you have been under a toxic burden, for example after a heavy travel schedule or periods of stress, dealing with a health issue where detoxification can be helpful, you simply need a ‘reset’ to make you feel lighter, brighter and help solidify healthy eating habits, or you want to kick start a fat loss regime.

Doesn’t The Body Detoxify On Its Own?

Yes it does, our main organs of detoxification are our liver and kidneys, and they constantly work to filter out toxins and waste products in the body. However, the toxic burden of our modern day life (toxins from the environment, food, water, medications, personal care, etc) is so incredibly high that we need to take a pro-active approach to supporting our organs of detoxification.

Whilst eating organic food, filtering your water and using non-toxic personal care products is hugely beneficial, even the most clean-living person can absolutely benefit from periods of pro-active detoxification. Personally, I always eat organic at home, I filter my water, and I at least 85% of the self-care products I use are non-toxic.

Why I Choose To Detoxify

So I’m all set, right? Umm, no. I travel to NYC at least once a month, and London every couple of months, two of the most polluted cities in the world. I’m on a plane at least once a month, breathing recycled air and inhaling the flame retardant chemicals that are sprayed on everything. And I’m drinking water out of warm plastic bottles because I can only bring one glass bottle on the plane.

Then I’m eating out at restaurants and with friends, and whilst I do my best I know my food is not 100% organic, and then there is a (very occasional) glass of wine here or there, which is again might not be organic. Oh, and the occasional Starbucks because it’s not always easy to find organic coffee when you are running around to meetings and clients (and Starbucks is delicious). Traveling and eating out also tend to throw my gut health off, so I am not eliminating the toxins as efficiently as usual.

Then there is the toxic load from exercise and stress (both which produce waste products that need to be eliminated), and the fact that I am absorbing toxins through my skin simply from taking a shower! And whilst I always carry non-toxic self-care products with me, chances are I’m going to use the hotel shower or hand soap at least once or twice.

The Good News

After reading that back its enough to make you want to run to the nearest health spa and ask them to put you on a juice and water cleanse for the next week, right? But the good news is this. Not only would that be harmful to the body and actually not aid detoxication, it would be pretty miserable to undertake. The good news is that you can assist the body to naturally detoxify is a much healthier, more effective way (and certainly more fun and delicious way) by eliminating certain foods, upping your intake of others, and practicing certain lifestyle and self care practices designed to make you feel lighter, brighter, energized and engaged with your life – the glowing skin and flat stomach is just a bonus.

I’ve been implementing at least 90% of my detox strategies over the last 4 weeks and am already feeling more energized, mentally sharper, with better gut health, clearer skin, and a flatter stomach. Oh, and I’ve loved (and so has Husband Hanway) developing and testing all of the recipes for the plan – they are delicious and you will never feel deprived.