Ask Jenny: Healthy Date Night Ideas

“Hi Jenny (and Tim)!

I loved your IG Live about staying healthy as a couple, and wondered if you could post more details about what you do for date night? Thanks in advance! ”

— Claire, Boston

Hi Claire, and thanks for tuning in (Tim and I host a weekly IG/FB Live at 12pm EST)!

When setting our goals for 2019 Tim and I made a commitment to share a date night once a week. However, we knew that a weekly dinner in even the healthiest of restaurants would derail our health and wellness goals. It’s been a super fun challenge to come up with a weekly activity that we would both enjoy and still leave us feeling our best the next day, but we’ve had some great date ‘nights’ so far, and I’m excited to share them with you…

  • Workout and Brunch: typically we don’t work out together due to our schedules, but when we have time we love to either strength train, or take a yoga class together. I love how it makes me feel like we are working together as a team , and gives me even more motivation to work harder as I want to impress Tim. And I’m not going to lie, working out next to a cute guy with great biceps always helps too – Tim and I actually officially became a couple during a training session 7 years ago, so it brings back great memories for us! We’ll then head out for a healthy brunch (once a month I’ll have one of those crazy blood sugar spiking, fruit filled smoothie or açaí bowls because they are just so delicious ), or we will even just grab a coffee somewhere (oat milk matcha latte for me, bulletproof coffee for him).
  • Head Out on a Picnic: one of our most favorite things to do when the weather allows is to pack up a picnic and head outside. We’ve had everything from grass fed steak tips and ghee sautéed green beans to a bunch of veggie sticks, flaxseed crackers, hummus and fruit. We will either head off on a seasonal adventure (berry picking in the Summer, apple picking in the Fall), or simply head to the lake near our house, and phones are not allowed!


  • Dave and Busters: honestly, this is probably my favorite date night! We are both pretty competitive, but don’t play video games in the house, so I love to head out to Dave and Busters and whoop Tim’s ass at table hockey, giant Connect 4, or Mario Olympics. Its also a pretty great workout too, as anyone who has ever played Just Dance can attest to..
  • Simple Lunch Date: if time is tight we will try not to over think things or get stressed out that we have to do something incredible, and will simply just grab a healthy #leanandclean lunch at our local Sweetgreen or Dig Inn. Its a great break in our day (we both work from home on a Friday) and its a very stress free and affordable way to spend some time together.


  • Healthy Cooking Class: this is actually on our schedules for the summer, and we are heading to The Kitchen at Boston Public Market for a sushi making class and a steak masterclass! Head to Eventbrite for healthy cooking classes in your area!
  • Dinner at Home: whilst we love to try and get out of the house for date night, sometimes its wonderful not to have to go anywhere and stay in in our comfy clothes! In this case we will prepare and cook a new #leanandclean dish together, enjoy a bottle of FitVine Wine, and round off our meal with some sugar free Lily’s Dark Chocolate.

You can catch Tim and I live on my Instagram and Facebook Page every Friday at 12pm EST, and we will be chatting all things nutrition, fitness, wellbeing, stress, sleep, performance and productivity, and answering all your questions!