Client Case Study: Andrea, Dallas

Andrea came to me after suffering with weight gain, irregular, painful periods and bloating, cramps and poor digestion. She had tried to piece together advice from social media, instagram influencer and blogs on internet, but nothing was making her feel any better, and she continued to gain weight.

She wanted to feel in control of her weight again, and to minimize the pain she was experiencing every month.

She had consulted her doctor regarding her health issues, but didn’t feel ‘seen’ as the doctor just recommended she ‘eat healthier’, even though Andrea’s diet was reasonably healthy to start with.

A Highly Individualized Approach:

Instead of trying to piece together information that was not a good fit for her from random sources on the internet, we needed to establish what was happening at a physiological level in Andrea’s body and look at her individual quantitative data (numbers and facts). Andrea’s symptoms and weight gain were suggestive to me of Insulin Resistance and PCOS, but we needed to have her medical team onboard with this possibility before they would offer her the appropriate testing.

To this end I suggested she keep a food diary and tested her fasting blood glucose (a simple finger prick test) for 2 weeks. This was beneficial for two reasons:

  1. I could analyze her food diary via state of the art nutrition software (not MyFitnessPal) and make personalized changes and recommendations to help with her specific needs that also fit in with her lifestyle and busy schedule.
  2. It would provide hard data that she could take to her doctor as evidence that further testing was needed.

What Came Next:

I started Andrea on an elimination and gut healing diet with specific supplements as a healthy gut is the foundation of all health and healing, and without this step we would not be able to effect change on her hormonal imbalances and weight gain. After around 6 weeks in this stage we gradually introduced some of the eliminated foods, and transitioned to a low carb diet combined with supplements that helped improve her blood sugar balance and insulin sensitivity.

Andrea’s energy levels had improved to the point where she wished to start working out regularly, but found that online workouts such as Tone It Up and Kayla Itsines were not making any difference to her body (side note – these type of workouts are great for keeping petite, skinny girls petite and skinny, but do not move the needle for the rest of us mere mortals). To help improve Andrea’s insulin sensitivity, gain lean muscle mass and burn body fat we designed specific strength training workouts for her that actually created change.

Throughout her 3 month program Andrea had access to me via email and Voxer messaging to keep me updated with her progress, feedback from her medical team and changes and additions to her nutrition, supplement and fitness programs. Additionally, we met once a month through Zoom for a deeper 60 minute consultation and connection.

After the 3 Month Package:

After our working together Andrea had a diagnosis that meant she was finally able to start feeling better, reduce pain, lose weight, reduce the possibility of future chronic disease and look towards a healthy future.

She had a nutrition, supplement and fitness plan that was personalized for her, her diagnosis and lifestyle, and was able to transition this to an everyday lifestyle that didn’t feel restrictive.

In her own words: 

‘Prior to beginning private coaching with Jenny, I struggled for two years trying to get to the root of my health issues. Despite the amount of exercise I did or the nutritious food I ate, I continued to gain weight, became more or more fatigued, experienced unusual menstrual cycles, and began seeing changes in my skin. I sought out answers from multiple PCPs and specialists all to hear my labs show I am healthy individual or get advice that my morning smoothies are the root of the issues. I never felt heard or that anyone cared, so I gave up for about six months. 

My partner suggested I do a consultation with Jenny after listening to her speak on hormonal and gut health. After the first consultation, I finally had hope. Jenny showed me empathy and immediately gave me next steps. She provided me with a comprehensive diet and exercise program while laying out specific bloodwork I needed to ask a PCP for. 

After just a month of following the program, I have more energy, a noticeable decrease in my overall swelling, lost weight, and, most importantly, acquired an optimistic outlook towards my health. Jenny is a wealth of knowledge and tailors her approach specific to your health concerns. She cares and dedicates herself to ensure I achieve my health goals. My appreciation for Jenny goes beyond words.’ 

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