How Much Vitamin D Should I Take

Ask Jenny: How Much Vitamin D Should I Take?

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This week’s question is about Vitamin D intake, and it comes from Sarah in Boston.

‘Hi Jenny -I am hearing a lot about the importance of taking Vitamin D for immunity, and wondered how much Vitamin D I should be taking a day? Can you recommend any good Vitamin D supplements? 

Why Vitamin D is Important For Health.

Great question Sarah! Whilst Vitamin D is key for a healthy immune system, adequate levels are also super important for many other aspects of our health, including:

•strong bones and teeth

•disease prevention (including cancer prevention and CVD)

•mental health and wellbeing

•weight loss

42% of the adult population in the US has low vitamin D levels, with the lowest levels seen in Black and Hispanic populations (1).

Can We Get Enough Vitamin D From Sunlight?

Unfortunately not. Studies show that even populations with increased sun exposure (surfers in Hawaii) this does not ensure adequate Vitamin D levels for optimum health (2). And as we shelter in place during the COVID 19 pandemic we experience less sunlight exposure.

Additionally, the damaging effects of the sun on the skin can far outweigh the benefits, according to dermatologist and my partner in wellness, Dr. Julie Russak. I never leave the house without an SPF45, and in the summer always wear sunglasses and a hat to prevent sun damage.

Vitamin D Rich Foods

Whilst we should not rely on food as our main source of Vitamin D as amounts are low, some healthy foods that are high in Vitamin D include:

  • Salmon (always choose wild caught – I love Butcher Box)
  • Other oily fish such as mackerel and sardines
  • Egg Yolks (always choose pasture-raised).
  • Remember to pair these with foods rich in minerals synergistic to Vitamin D such as leafy greens (a great source of calcium), and dark chocolate (a great source of magnesium).

Which is the Best Vitamin D Supplement?

Whilst I recommend testing your Vitamin D status before supplementation (see below), a good Vitamin D supplement is something we should all be taking on a daily basis for optimum health and immunity. I recommend New Chapter’s Fermented Vitamin D3 – an easily digestible organic Vitamin D3 for bones and teeth, immune function, and heart health. I love this product as the D3 is Fermented for better absorption, and it contains a synergistic blend of D3, Turmeric and Reishi.

Test, Don’t Guess for Vitamin D Status

Ideally before we start any supplement regime we would get a blood test to know our base level (this is one of the many tests I review with my clients as part of my Private Coaching programs). This is something that can be done either via your PCP, or as getting an appointment can be challenging, at home testing is also a great option.

I recommend an at home testing company called ‘Let’s Get Checked’ and use these tests for me and my family, and with my private nutrition coaching clients. You can use code ‘JENNIFERH’ for a 20% discount on all tests:

Let’s Get Checked

Know Your Numbers For Optimum Health with my Nutrition and Health Coaching Programs

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