Low Carb Almond Butter Shredded Chicken

Low Carb Almond Butter Shredded Chicken with Carrot and Cabbage Slaw

I honestly could eat this quick and easy chicken dish for dinner every night, and the dressing is so good I can’t stop making it! It’s one of my favourite bonus recipes from my low carb clean eating program Lean and Clean, which I created to help you lose fat and build lean muscle, find food freedom and love the skin you live in.

Ever since I learnt how to make shredded chicken from frozen in my Instant Pot its been a game changer! We ditched our microwave years ago for health reasons, and if we wanted chicken I had to remember to defrost it hours in advance. However, I can now have fully cooked chicken from frozen in less than 25 minutes!

Cooked Chicken From Frozen in Less Than 25 Minutes

This game changing weeknight meal hack could not be easier – simple add 1 cup of water, broth or stock into your instant pot, add the trivet, then place your frozen chicken breasts on top. Set to manual for 22 minutes (a few minutes more depending on the thickness of the chicken breasts) and then sit back and relax!

If the chicken come out a little dry after shredding simple add a few tablespoons of the cooking liquid to the chicken before using it.

Almond Butter Chicken with Carrot and Cabbage Slaw

Yields 2 servings

This is one of my key ‘double batch’ recipes – although these directions make 2 servings its super easy to double up everything to save for grab and go meals or leftover lunches.


For the slaw

• 1/2 head red cabbage

• 4 carrots, peeled

• 4 tablespoons white wine vinegar

• 1 teaspoon Himalayan salt

For the chicken

• 2 medium sized chicken breasts, cooked and shredded

• 1/2 cup almond butter

• 4 tablespoons water

• 2 tablespoons coconut aminos

• 1 teaspoon minced or grated ginger

• 2 tablespoons sesame seeds


  1. Make the slaw first by shredding the cabbage and the carrots (I use my food processor for this), place in a large bowl and add the white wine vinegar and salt. This gives the acid in the vinegar time to work on the raw veggies making them easier to digest.
  2. Make the dressing by adding the almond butter, water, aminos, tamari and minced ginger to a bowl or food processor and mixing well. Add the shredded chicken and coat thoroughly.
  3. Serve by placing the chicken on top of the slaw and sprinkling with the sesame seeds.


• Nut Free: Replace the almond butter with tahini

• Family Friendly: Serve with a side of basmati rice

Suitable for the Following Diets

This recipe is suitable for the following diets: Lean and Clean, Gut Healing, paleo, primal, pegan, , plant based, dairy free, gluten free, clean eating, whole 30, keto.

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